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You Don't Have to be a Size XS or SM to shop!

You Don't Have to be a Size XS or SM to shop!



It's me Kate, the owner of Lordon. Nice to meet you!

As the owner of Lordon, I want to share something with you— 

I wear a size XL!! 

I've always been afraid of showing up because of my size but F**K that! I'm ready to start showing up more. I made a promise on our most recent Instagram video, that I would show up for us mid-size girlies to show YOU that YES YOU CAN shop at Lordon. (If you make a promise on the internet, you have to keep it... right?)

Check out the video here

Whether you're a size XS, XXL, or anywhere in between, you deserve to feel confident and beautiful in what you wear. 

So many of you have reached out and said you'd like to see my favorites so I made a new collection on our website called Kate's Picks!

Check out Kate's Picks here

Here's to embracing diversity and celebrating the beauty of every body. 



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