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Midi skirt style


A mid-length dress or skirt is so diverse in the fashion world. Recently, we have seen the re-emerging staple item work with so many different styles. From vintage to sophisticated to edgy - the midi fits each vibe too perfectly. To demonstrate the versatility of midis, we've put together some looks that incorporate different styles to suit everyone. Which one could you best see yourself in?! 

1. Solo look

A go-to outfit that screams bold with minimal effort. Throw on some jewelry and lipstick, and you're ready to go! (shop dress here)

2. Knotted tee look

To keep it casual, toss on a band tee and you've achieved a raw, edgy vibe. Don't forget your black combat boots or sneakers to top it off! (shop tee here) (shop skirt here)

3. Oversized sweater layered look

The best way to dress up while staying cozy. Put your creativity to use by combining colours and patterns to suit the occasion, weather, or mood. (Shop sweater here) (Shop dress here)

4. Fitted undershirt look

Tees under tanks is a trend we believe in. It brings a fun, flirty side to an otherwise simplistic outfit. (Shop dress here)

5. Denim jacket look

Girls, beauty does not need to be pain... There are solutions to staying warm and fashionable at the same time! The denim jacket + knitted midi skirt combo is a solid start. (shop top here) (shop jacket here) (shop skirt here)

6. Cardi look

Cardigans scream comfort, and we all know comfort is a must. Cuteness comes along as a bonus! (shop bralette here) (shop cardigan here) (shop skirt here)

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