Dreaming of spending your summer living out your Pinterest board fantasies? Trust us, we are too! 

We've put together a guide on how to create the dreamy beach picnics you've seen all over your feed so your fantasies can become a reality this season.

First choose your player are you hitting the beach with your girlfriends, partner, or solo? Whichever you pick, we recommend going at golden hour for the perfect lighting and a chance to catch the sunsetting on the beach. 

Your outfit may be the most important part of the picnic so we've put together some beachy inspiration.

1. Airy Dress

Shop the dress.

2. Flowy Top Paired with Relaxed Fit Denim

Shop the top, denim, and necklace.

3. Oversized Sweater with Shorts

Shop the sweater and shorts.

From our experience it's always better to be over prepared, so we've curated a packing list to ensure none of the essentials are missing.

Shop the Backpack, Sun Hat, Scrunchie, Sandals, Hand Sanitizer, Sunglass Chain, and Sunglasses

It's not a picnic without the food and our go-to snacks for the occasion are a charcuterie board, lots of fruit, kettle chips, and obviously wine.

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