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Celebrity Winter Street Style: Get the Look

Celebrity Winter Street Style: Get the Look

Winter is not just about bundling up in layers upon layers of clothing; it's also an opportunity to showcase your style in the chilliest of temperatures. And who better to take inspiration from than our favourite celebrities? They effortlessly blend comfort with fashion, creating looks that are both trendy and practical. As we step into 2024, let's dive into some celebrity winter street styles and learn how to recreate them for ourselves.

Cozy Layers à la Kendall Jenner: Kendall Jenner, the queen of minimalistic chic, knows how to nail winter street style with ease. She often opts for oversized coats paired with simple yet stylish pieces underneath. To emulate her look, start with a neutral-coloured oversized coat – think camel, grey, or black. Layer it over a cozy knit sweater and high-waisted leather pants. Complete the ensemble with ankle boots and oversized sunglasses for that added touch of glamour.

Effortless Cool like Harry Styles: Harry Styles is renowned for his eclectic and gender-fluid fashion sense. For a winter street style look inspired by him, try layering a statement coat over a printed shirt and wide-leg trousers. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and textures for a truly standout ensemble. Finish off the look with a pair of chunky boots and some quirky accessories like a beanie or oversized scarf.
Photo via: @frenchgirldaily
Classic Elegance akin to Meghan Markle:Meghan Markle exudes sophistication in every outfit she wears, and her winter street style is no exception. To channel her look, opt for a tailored coat in a timeless silhouette such as a trench or a wrap coat. Pair it with a cashmere sweater and tailored trousers for a polished finish. Add a pair of sleek ankle boots and a structured handbag to complete the ensemble.
Photo Via: @itsemilykarra
Athleisure Chic inspired by Rihanna: Rihanna effortlessly blends comfort with style, making athleisure a staple in her winter wardrobe. To get her look, opt for a cozy oversized hoodie paired with matching joggers or leggings. Layer a faux fur coat or a bomber jacket on top for added warmth. 
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