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Beach Bag Must Haves

Beach Bag Must Haves

Summer is upon us and that means...beach time! We've created the ultimate beach bag packing list.

Let's just say it's better to be over prepared than under prepared! 

Beach bag must haves:

  • Cute woven beach bag to throw everything in (duh!)
  • sunscreen (obviously)
  • insulated water bottle with ice cubes
  • sunglasses & sunglass case (nothing worse than sand in your sunnies!)
  • hat or visor
  • snacks that don't mind the heat. Nuts, granola, carrot sticks etc.
  • water facial spray
  • lotion for dry skin or oil with shimmer if you're extra!
  • separate bag to put any wet items in
  • oversized beach blanket...we love a little extra room
  • towel for drying off
  • a bag or case for your phone to keep the sand away
  • portable charger
  • srunchie...because sometimes beach hair needs to be in a bun.
  • hair brush
  • lip chap with SPF
  • deodorant for freshening up
  • portable speaker to play some fresh summer tunes


 What are your beach bag must haves??

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